Matt Coombs - 2016 LWCC BAR - Photo: Al Jarman
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2017 Club Runs
Tamar Vanderhaas - 2016 LWCC Female BAR - Photo: Bob Taylor
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This page gives you info on our organised Sunday club runs, our Reg Porter Competition, LWCC & ESCA Reliability Trials and Audax events.

Sunday Club Runs - Organiser & leader: Ian McGuckin

Currently: the 2017 Summer Club Runs Programme is up and running

We run a programme of club runs every Sunday. The winter schedule runs from October to the end of March, with the summer runs taking over from April to the end of September. Winter rides start every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. from outside Boots the Chemist at the bottom of the High Street in Uckfield. Summer runs start at 8:30 a.m. also from outside Boots in Uckfield. As of 23/10/16 we will be running two rides: Run A (starting at 9:00 a.m.) will suit fitter riders while Run B (starting at 9:15 a.m.) is intended for newcomers and riders wanting a more relaxed pace.
All rides meet for elevenses at a pre-arranged location (see current programme for specific info).

Non members are welcome to join any of our rides, which are run at a reasonable pace. Please come suitably equipped for the weather, for your own and your fellow riders comfort. Every care will be taken to avoid accidents, but you are responsible for your own safety and Lewes Wanderers cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage, however caused.

Wanderers meet every Sunday outside Boots in Uckfield - Photo: Chris Martin

For all the up-to-the minute and topical club run stuff, see the LWCC Forum and/or our LWCC Facebook page.

Along with the regular Sunday rides there are various other group rides run throughout the year. These include our Wednesday Summer Chain Gangs for a more focused training. Use the Club Forum and Facebook page to find out more and get involved.

Life on the Sunday Club Run - Photo: Rob Pelham
Wednesday evening Chain Gangs based at Golden Cross - Photo: Chris Martin

Reg Porter Competition

The Club's Committee decided in April 1994 that we should have a non-racing trophy bearing the late Reg Porter's name. It goes to the club member who gains the most points (based on placings) in the annual Tourist Trial, Freewheeling and Speed Judging competitions.

Stephen Burgess, in winning the trophy five times is the only Wanderer to have taken more than three victories.

*Due to the change of dates for our awards presentation from February back to November and with the annual Reg Porter Competition not concluded until the February after the awards evening, we have dropped 2013 from the trophy.

Tourist Trial - Freewheeling - Speed Judging

The Reg Porter Trophy
Reg & Maureen Porter

Richard Meed gets the trophy after his 2007 victory - Photo: Lawrence Watts
Five time winner Stephen Burgess gets the trophy from Megan Rabbetts after his 2008 victory - Photo: Lawrence Watts
Winners: 2010 - Rob Pelham, 2011 & 16 - Micky Turner & 2009 - Chris Martin - Photo: Chris Martin
2012 Champion, Mark Longhurst, with Ian Landless who finished first in the Speed Judging - Photo: Chris Martin
Paul Gibbons collects the trophy at the Club Awards Evening on 29/11/14 - Photo: Lawrence Watts

History: April 1994 - The Club's Committee decided that we should have a non-racing trophy bearing Reg Porter's name. It will go to the club member who gains the most points (based on placings) in the annual freewheeling and speed judging competitions and a new tourist trial competition.

Appreciation from the Newsletter ­ May 1994 - Sussex cycling will carry on without Reg Porter, but it will never be the same. He was at the event HQ of the ESCA Hardriders in March, but our most recent memory of him as timekeeper was at our evening tens, which he managed for a full series last year despite having had a major operation in 1992.

He had been a mainstay of Sussex time trialling, and a close friend and supporter of ours, for many years past. Now is the time we’ll fully appreciate his willingness to turn up at any hour, on a regular basis, to help in any way he could ­ and not only as timekeeper. Many of us, suffering in long-distance time trials, have welcomed the sight of Reg and Maureen, waiting "up the road" with a drink and a shout of encouragement; and hundreds of weary finishers in our reliability trials have been helped towards recovery with cups of Porter cocoa.

Reg was president of the Sussex Nomads, but we always felt that he and Maureen "belonged" to us just as much ­ which was why they were both made honorary life members.

No it won't be the same; but we hope that the new Reg Porter Trophy, linked to the kind of non-racing events he enjoyed with us, will keep his name alive.

LWCC Reliability Trial

We ran our own Reliability Trial event every January for many years, but due to a general lack of interest in the event we will not be running it in 2017.

    Previous events

    • 31st January 2016 - 49.35 miles
    • We had 5 entries plus 17 entries on the line
    • They all got round and qualified

    • 1st February 2015 - 50.6 miles
    • We had 46 entries, but only 22 started
    • Only 7 riders finished within their target time

    • 26th January 2014 - 35 or 53 miles
    • We had 32 entries plus 11 entries on the line
    • 26 riders finished within their target time

    • 27th January 2013 - 35 or 53 miles
    • We had 45 entries plus 12 entries on the line
    • 21 riders finished within their target time

    • 22nd January 2012 - 45 miles
    • We had 58 entries
    • 35 successful rides by Wanderers
    • 11 successful rides by non-Wanderers
    • 12 DNF within their time limit
    • See our No. 254 our February 2012 magazine for report, results & photos

What is a Reliability Trial?

Reliability Trials are, like Audax events, not races, but rather long distance rides which emphasise fitness, self reliance and navigational skills.

How Reliable a cyclist are you?

Fitness - Do you think you are fit enough to complete the course in your sellectd time?

Self Reliance - Are your skills, equipment & machine reliable enough to deal with any mechanical or climatic conditions which could occur on the day?

Navigational Skills - Can you successfully navigate the course, passing through all the required controls using the directions provided?

The proof of a reliable cyclist, in the spirit of Reliability Trials is someone who can answer yes to the above 3 questions!

A reliable cyclist is not someone who trains numerous times before the event on a pre-published route. Neither is it someone who follows their handlebar mounted satellite navigation system around a way-marked route on the day of the event (there are plenty of sportives throughout the year for cyclists who want to do that).

ESCA Reliability Trial

    The 2017 edition of the ESCA Reliability Trial will be promoted by Brighton Excelsior on 19th November 2017 - details will be available nearer the time.

    • The 2016 edition of the ESCA Reliability Trial was promoted by the Worthing Excelsior on Sunday 6th November 2016 - It was held over a 49 mile course, based at Hassocks. It was won by Eastbourne Rovers CC (39 qualifiers), we were second with 15 qualifiers. Results

    • The 2015 edition of the ESCA Reliability Trial was promoted by the VTTA (Surrey/Sussex Group) on Sunday 15th November 2015 - It was held over a 48 mile course, based at East Hoathly. It was won by Eastbourne Rovers CC (28 qualifiers), we were second with 27 qualifiers. Results

    • The 2014 edition of the ESCA Reliability Trial was promoted by the Sussex Nomads on the 16th November 2014 - It was held over a 53 mile course, with the start and finish at Chailey Parish Hall. It was won by Eastbourne Rovers (40 qualifiers), we were second with 28 qualifiers, ahead of In-Gear (25 qualifiers). Results

    • The 2013 edition was promoted by the Southborough and District Wheelers on 17th November. It was won by LWCC. Results.

    • The 2012 edition was promoted by the Rye Wheelers on Sunday 18th November 2012. After a very close finish, victory went to the In-Gear team. See No. 262 our December 2012 magazine for reports, results and photos.

    • LWCC promoted and won the Reliability Trial for the ESCA Rally Shield on Sunday 20th November 2011. See No. 253 our December 2011 magazine for reports, results and photos.

Lewes Wanderers and the ESCA Reliability Trial

The ESCA Reliability Trial was introduced in 1985 by Charles Robson. The association members have done battle since for the Reliability Trial Shield. See the drop-down box for the full list of winners.

With the exception of 1996, the Wanderers had failed to win the shield, until taking it in 2004. In 2005 it was a tie between the Wanderers and Eastbourne Rovers, both clubs having 15 counters.

Between 2006 and 2011 the Wanderers took victory each year. The club see this as a special event and a chance to get our members out in numbers and riding together.

After losing out to the In-Gear team in 2012, we regained the Shield in 2013, but were well outgunned by the Eastbourne Rovers in 2014. In 2015 it was won again by Eastbourne Rovers with 28 qualifiers, to our 27 qualifiers. So close, but no cigar! And in 2016 we were well beaten by ERCC, but still finished best of the rest. What can we do in 2017?

ESCA Reliability LWCC Team Photos


    Download your entry forms from and view the full Audax calendar at Audax UK.

    It is currently only £19 PA to join AUK and you get plenty for your money, including Arrivée their quarterly magazine.

    You don’t need to be a member of Audax to enter and ride their events. Non-members pay an extra £2 per ride to cover insurance and you are covered on this premium if you are a member of CTC.

    28/07/13 - London-Edinburgh-London - run every four years

    Four Wanderers entered the 2013 event: Paul Gibbons, Chris Martin, John Miller & Micky Turner - Paul & Micky completed the event.

    Chris Martin, Paul Gibbons & Micky Turner on the 2013 L-E-L

    Read Chris Martin's story of his failure to finish the 2013 L-E-L

    Right: Peter Baker rode and completed the 1230km of Paris-Brest-Paris between 21st & 24th August 2011. See No. 251 our October 2011 magazine for Peter's report & more photos.

    Assorted group shots from local Audax events

Info on Audax UK from their website

Audax United Kingdom is the internationally recognised long distance cycling association in the UK.

Usually referred to as Audax UK or AUK, it was established in 1976. Audax UK oversees the running of long distance cycling events in the UK, and, using a system of timed checkpoints, validates and records every successful ride.

The cycling events listed in their calendar will take you on some of the best roads for cycling in the UK. The rides are open to everyone. There are a wide range of rides (from about 50km up to 600km), so if you like riding a bike you should find something you'll enjoy.

Can anybody ride Audax UK's events? Yes. Although technically, AUK does not 'run' events - these are run by clubs or individuals under AUK's supervision. When a non-member enters an event, there is a small additional fee over and above the usual entry fee, which gives the rider 'temporary membership' of AUK for the duration of the event. This is necessary for insurance reasons.

What does the word 'Audax' mean? It's Latin for 'bold', and was first used in the context of endurance sports towards the end of the 19th century.

What do the words 'Randonnée' and 'Randonneur' mean? 'Randonnée' is a French word which loosely translates to 'ramble or 'long journey' - it's not really cycling-specific, but in AUK we take it to mean a long cycle ride. A 'Randonneur' is a person who has completed a recognised 200 kilometre ride.

What does the word 'Brevet' mean? It means 'certificate', more or less. So it's the card you carry, which gets stamped at controls and finally validated by AUK as proof of your ride. The word is often also used to describe the event itself - ie, a certificated ride.

Peter Baker rides Paris-Brest-Paris - 21-24/08/11

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