Matt Coombs - 2016 LWCC BAR - Photo: Al Jarman
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2017 Club Race Programme
Tamar Vanderhaas - 2016 LWCC Female BAR - Photo: Bob Taylor
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We run an annual programme of Club Time Trials and Road Races. These include four Circuit TTs, 12 Monday Evening Tens, a Two-up Ten and a Hill Climb. Our set distance TT Championships are run within ESCA & Open events. We also run a series of three Road Races (The Lewes Crits).

2017 LWCC Time Trial Programme

Circuit Events

Sunday 5th March
  • Circuit of Laughton - 12.46 miles - Results

    Sunday 9th April
  • Circuit of Danehill - 18.11 miles - Results
    • Promoter: Micky Turner
    • First rider starts at 8:30 am
    • HQ: Chelwood Gate Village Hall
    • GS/891 - Course map - Garmin Connect

    Thursday 22nd June
  • Circuit of Earwig - 17.68 miles - Results

    Note: From 2015 we have used a new (amended) course - which starts just after Half Mile Drove and finishes after Earwig Corner just before the right turn to Glynde. The HQ is Ringmer Village Hall, next to the Anchor PH.

    Sunday 24th September
  • Circuit of Chailey - 17.58 miles
    • Promoter: Kerrie & Nick Smart-Jones
    • First rider starts at 9:00 am
    • HQ: South Chailey Village Hall
    • GS/888 - Course map - Garmin Connect

    Monday Evening Ten Series

    Your fastest six rides count towards the overall competition. Series Final Results

    Note: The maximum field for 2017 is only 30 for the first four rounds in May (this is due to the time of the setting sun). So get there early, as it's first come first served. The maximum field size increases to 60 for the remaining eight rounds and the Evening Ten Two-up. As of 2017, all Tens are run on a Monday, even when it falls on a Bank Holiday.

  • Round 01 - Monday 1st May - Results

  • Round 02 - Monday 8th May - Results

  • Round 03 - Monday 15th May - Results

  • Round 04 - Monday 22th May - Results

  • Round 05 - Monday 29st May * - Results

  • Round 06 - Monday 5th June * - Results

  • Round 07 - Monday 12th June - Results

  • Round 08 - Monday 19th June - Results

  • Round 09 - Monday 26th June ** - Results

  • Round 10 - Monday 3th July - Results

  • Round 11 - Monday 10th July - Cancelled

  • Round 12 - Monday 17th July * - Results

    * Special (Optional) Tens

    • 29st May it's our Tandem Ten event

    • 5th June for our Fixed Wheel Ten

    • 17th July includes our Athletes Ten

      No TT bikes, Tribars, Aero Helmets
    You can ride any of the above three Tens on your standard TT machine.

    ** Inter-Club Tens with Eastbourne Rovers

    The fastest six riders from each club on both nights count towards the overall competition.

    Monday 24th July
  • Two-Up Evening Ten - Cancelled
    • A two-up team time trial on the same G10/87 Evening Ten course.

    Monday 31st July
  • Monday Evening Hill Climb
    • 1433 yards - GH/84 - Garmin Connect
    • First rider starts at 7:15 pm
    • No HQ - Start on road to Firle Beacon

    Club Championships

    The following Club Championships are run within open events which need to be entered in advance. This can be done on-line or by post.

    Sunday 23rd April
  • 25 miles Championship - Club Results

    Sunday 21st May
  • 30 miles Championship - Club Results

    Sunday 18th June
  • 50 miles Championship - Club Results

    Sunday 13th August
  • 100 miles Championship

  • 12-Hour Championship
    • The Club Championship will be decided using the best ride on any 12 Hour event in the 2017 CTT Handbook. The nearest 12 Hour is:

    • Kent CA 12 - Q12
    • Sunday 25th June
    • Page 166 in the 2017 CTT Handbook
    • Entry: £12 - Enter on-line at CTT

  • Help needed for the 2017 Season

    We rely on volunteers to run our programme of time trials and road races. Please do your bit. Visit our on-line spreadsheet and put yourself down for some duties. Thank you.

    2017 LWCC Marshalling Rota

    Downloads for the 2017 Season

    LWCC Results for the 2017 Season

  • 05/03/17: Circuit of Laughton - Results

  • 09/04/17: Circuit of Danehill - Results

  • 23/04/17: Club 25 mile - Results

  • 01/05/17: Evening Tens Round 1 - Results

  • 08/05/17: Evening Tens Round 2 - Results

  • 15/05/17: Evening Tens Round 3 - Results

  • 21/05/17: Club 30 mile - Results

  • 22/05/17: Evening Tens Round 4 - Results

  • 29/05/17: Evening Tens Round 5 - Results

  • 30/05/17: Evening Tens GC after Round 5

  • 01/06/17: Lewes Crits Round 1 - Results

  • 05/06/17: Evening Tens Round 6 - Results

  • 08/06/17: Lewes Crits Round 2 - Results

  • 12/06/17: Evening Tens Round 7 - Results

  • 15/06/17: Lewes Crits Round 3 - Results

  • 18/06/17: Club 50 mile - Results

  • 19/06/17: Evening Tens Round 8 - Results

  • 22/06/17: Circuit of Earwig - Results

  • 26/06/17: Evening Tens Round 9 - Results

  • 06/07/17: Inter-Club Ten ERCC away-leg

  • Inter-Club Ten with ERCC Overall Results

  • 03/07/17: Evening Tens Round 10 - Results

  • 17/07/17: Evening Tens Round 12 - Results

  • Evening Tens Series Final Results

  • LWCC Results from the 2016 Season

    Entering Club Time Trials

    Note: Entry Fees for 2016 Club TTs will be £3 for LWCC members.

    Please read: Starting in 2014, all our club events have been entry on-the-line - ie turn up, sign on, pay £3 and ride. You will still need to do an entry form for club Championships run in ESCA and other events.

    Members of other (CTT affiliated) clubs are welcome to ride any of our club events, with an entry on the line of £4.00. Anyone can ride up to three of our events as ‘Come & Try It’ without being a member of a club. After your third ride you will need to join our club (or another) if you wish to do any further events during the same season.

  • Downloadable CTT Entry Form (PDF)

    Note: CTT Entry Form. You can still use the above PDF entry form if you wish to fill it in by hand and post it in with your cheque, or you can now enter most events on-line.

  • Competition Information

  • Info on all Club BAR competitions

  • Info on all Club Points based competitions

    Rules & more info - All Club BAR counting events must be on Sussex courses with the exception that any 12 hour can be used for the Senior BAR. The LWCC Claret Jug is for the fastest 25 on any course.

    On club events with 1 to 7 entries, only the fastest rider, the first rider on handicap and first on vets standard receive club medals.

    On events with 8 to 19 entries, the fastest two riders and the first two on handicap and vets standard receive club medals.

    With 20 and over entries, the fastest three and the first three on handicap and vets standard receive club medals.

    On events with three or more female entries, the fastest female rider will receive a club medal. This rule also applies in the case of three or more Junior entries in any event.

  • Helmet & use of Rear Lights
    on Time Trials

    Following a vote at our 2012 AGM (Minutes) we have made the wearing of helmets compulsory on all LWCC Club Time Trials.

    The wearing of Hard Shell Helmets which conforms to CE standard EN 1078 is compulsory for all Club Time Trials. Riders must wear a helmet.


    The Committee would also ask that you please note the following when riding and entering club TT events. The below applies to open events and all our club events.

    Please pay attention to the following CTT regulations and recommendations:

  • Competitors’ Machines: It is recommended that a working rear light, either flashing or constant, is fitted to the machine in a position clearly visible to following road users and is active while the machine is in use.

  • Competitors’ Vehicles: No vehicles, except those of timekeepers and event officials, shall be parked in the vicinity of the start or finish.

  • Competitors are requested not to warm up on the course after the first competitor has started.

  • Details of any additional hazards, not listed on the start sheet, will be displayed or advised at the signing on point. All competitors must take note of these details when they sign on.

  • No times will be given out at the finish.

  • Please also note you are responsible for ensuring you and your bike comply with CTT regulations and recommendations.

  • Open Time Trials Promoted by LWCC

    LWCC members are promoting various ESCA and Open events this year, so please try and support them, by riding and or offering your services in other ways.

    Saturday 22nd April
  • ESCA 10 miles

    Sunday 21st May
  • LWCC Open 30 miles

    Sunday 1st October
  • LWCC Gents Grand-Prix 18 miles
    • Two-up Team Time Trial (1 rider + 1 vet)
    • Promoter: Dominic Lowden
    • Page 193 in the 2017 CTT Handbook
    • Entry: £16 a team - Enter on-line at CTT
    • GS/838a - Garmin Connect
    • First rider starts at 8:30 am
    • HQ: Laughton Village Hall

  • Road Racing

    The LWCC Evening Criterium Series

    2017 will see us running the 51st edition of our Criterium Series (Lewes Crits) - a series of three Thursday Evening 50km road races. The number of starter is only 50 per event, so to avoid disappointment enter in advance.

    Lewes Crits 2017 Entry Information

  • Thursday 1st June - Results

  • Thursday 8th June - Results

  • Thursday 15th June - Results

    • 3rd & 4th Cat
    • Start time 7:15pm
    • HQ: Laughton Village Hall

    • Entry on-line at British Cycling

    For further info contact:

  • Other LWCC Road Races

    We will not be running any other road races in 2017.

    Patrick Hough leads on Round 1 of the 2016 Lewes Crits - Photo: Lawrence Watts

    2015 - Rob Rollings takes the win - Lewes Crits Rd 1 - 4/06/15 - Photo: Jonty Tacon

    2014 - Rob Rollings takes the win - Lewes Crits Rd 2 - Photo: Matt Coombs

    2013 - LWCC 1-2 on the opening round - Lewes Crits - Rob Pelham & Jamie Lowden - Photo: Simon Yates

    2012 - Peter Morris leads into Shortgate Lane - Lewes Crits - Photo: Lawrence Watts

    2011 - Jamie Lowden takes victory - Lewes Crits - Photo: Chris Hough

    2010 - Wanderers on the front - Lewes Crits - Photo: Mike Anton

    2009 - Getting ready - Lewes Crits - Photo: Chris Martin

    2008 - Lewes Crits

    2007 - Peter Barling on the front - Lewes Crits

    2006 - Mark Winton takes a win - Lewes Crits

    1966 - Geoff Willocks launches the Lewes Crits

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