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Welcome to the LWCC Archive pages - it opens in its own window and gives you plenty of info about the club from across the years. You'll find specific pages that list all our our winners for the year's 1996 to 2016. The 2017 pages (above) will take you back to the main website.

Results Reporting

Chris Martin built the first version of the LWCC website in 1998. Starting with the 1999 season, race results were recorded on the website for all our club time trials, along with most outings by Wanderers in Open & Association events.

In 2006, he expanded the Club Newsletter, from a two-sided black & white info sheet to a multi-page magazine style format. From that date, all results were reported in the mag. All the mags can be downloaded from this site and they deliver a comprehensive history of nearly all Wanderer activities for the years 2006 to 2012.

Press Releases

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You can view all of our club press releases from 2006 to 2017 by clicking on any of the above years.

The Wanderers have a long history of press coverage in the local papers, this goes back to the 1950s. Chris Martin took over the role of Press Secretary in 2006 and taking advantage of the arrival of digital photography and the use of email produced weekly articles, each accompanied by a topical photo. Alan Lloyd took over the mantle in 2010 and continued to produce our weekly reports until the end of 2014. Paget Cohen took on the role of LWCC Press Secretary in 2015.

The Lewes Wanderer

Newsletter - Magazine - Email Newsletter

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You can view all of our club newsletters & magazines from 1999 to 2013 by clicking on any of the above years.

History: Michael Rabbetts launched our club's monthly Newsletter in January 1990 and produced it until September 2003. Initially, it was handed out at our Club Night and from 2001, the Club’s Committee decided to post a copy each month to the full membership.

Michael & Megan moved from Crowborough to live in Market Harborough, Leicestershire towards the end of 2003. Michael sadly died on 11th September 2004. (Obituary)

Sarah Baker took over from Michael with the October 2003 edition, with Lesley May-Hills picking up the mantle in March 2005.

Chris Martin launched a magazine style format in January 2006 and continued to produce them until December 2012.

The Newsletter went electronic in January 2013 with Rob Pelham taking over editorial duties. The last eNewsletter was produced in June 2013.

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