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Senior BAR
50, 100 miles & 12 hours

John Mankelow
Average speed 20.689 mph

Short Distance BAR
10, 25 & 50 miles

Mark Winton
Average speed 27.249 mph

Vets BAR on Standard
25, 50 & 100 miles

John Mankelow +3.564 mph

Ladies BAR
10, 25 & 50 miles

Debbie Evers
Average speed 20.926 mph

Junior BAR
2 x 10 & 2 x 25 miles

Not Awarded

25 Mile Championship

1st Mark Winton - 55:15
2nd Colin Harris - 59:32

1st Hcp: Alan Lloyd
2nd Hcp: Stephen Rann

1st Vet: Colin Harris +11:35

30 Mile Championship

1st Andy Cox - 1:12:41
2nd Peter Baker - 1:16:52

1st Hcp: Andy Cox
2nd Hcp: Debbie Evers (L)

1st Vet: Ian Landless +15:53

50 Mile Championship

1st Mark Winton - 1:54:38
2nd Colin Harris - 2:02:06

1st Hcp: Debbie Evers (L)
2nd Hcp: Mark Winton

1st Vet: Colin Harris +25:32

100 Mile Championship

1st Peter Baker - 4:33:31

1st Hcp: Peter Baker

1st Vet: John Mankelow +53:47

12-Hour Championship

1st Mike Levett - 222.270 miles

1st Hcp: John Mankelow

1st Vet: John Mankelow +26.042 miles

Circuit of Laughton 11.88 miles*

1st Peter Barling - 30:06
2nd Peter Baker - 30:08
3rd Spencer Coleman - 30:34

1st Hcp: Stephen Rann
2nd Hcp: Stephen Comben
3rd Hcp: Chris Martin

1st Vet: Peter Price -1:47

Circuit of Danehill 18.11 miles

1st Andy Cox - 46:55
2nd Peter Baker - 47:15
3rd Peter Barling - 49:46

1st Hcp: Peter Barling
2nd Hcp: Peter Baker
3rd Hcp: Hugh Procter

1st Vet: Ian Landless +6:23

Circuit of Earwig 17.69 miles

1st Mark Winton - 40:44
2nd Andy Cox - 43:22
3rd Peter Baker - 44:35

1st Hcp: Alan Lloyd
2nd Hcp: Andy Cox
3rd Hcp: Simon Yates

1st Vet: Ian Landless +9:47

John Mankelow during the Welsh CA 12 hour - Sunday 2nd September 2007

John Mankelow - Club Senior BAR

Circuit of Chailey 17.58 miles

1st Mark Winton in 42:37
2nd Peter Baker in 45:10
3rd Peter Barling in 46:35

1st Hcp: Simon Yates
2nd Hcp: Hugh Procter
3rd Hcp: Stuart Anderson

1st Vet: Ian Landless +6:33

Firle Hill Climb

1st Peter Barling - 4:41
2nd Mark Winton - 4:56
3rd Peter Baker - 5:02

1st Hcp: Simon Farmer
2nd Hcp: Martyn Crawford
3rd Hcp: Natasha Fuller (L)

Evening Ten Series
11 events with fastest 6 to count

1st Mark Winton
Aggregate time: 2:10:03
Best time: 21:19
2nd Andy Cox
Aggregate time: 2:23:53
Best time: 23:08
3rd Alan Lester
Aggregate time: 2:27:59
Best time: 24:14

1st Hcp: Hugh Procter
2nd Hcp: Debbie Evers (L)
3rd Hcp: Martin Sulley

1st Vet: Ian Landless +37:12

Fixed Wheel Evening Ten

Oliver Tuckley - 25:18

Evening Ten Tandem Event

No entries

Athletes Evening Ten

Martin Sulley - 30:31 - 1st on adjusted time

Evening Ten Two-Up

Event cancelled due to bad weather

Classic League

Mark Winton with 116 points

Junior Classic League

Not awarded

Middlemarkers Competition

Alan Lloyd with 119 points

Seymour Cup for fastest 25

Mark Winton with 53:33

Track Champion

Mark Burgess

Reg Porter Trophy

Richard Meed

Merit Cup

Mick Hills & Peter Burbery

Zonca Bradshaw Cup

Stephen Long

2007 Records - We had four new Club Record set in 2007. The Club present certificates for new records.
  • Mark Winton with 55:15 for his 25 mile Club Championship winning ride on 22/04/07

  • Mark Winton with 1:54:38 for his 50 mile Club Championship winning ride on 18/06/07

  • Debbie Evers with 5:34:20 for her 100 mile Club Championship ride on 29/07/07

  • Debbie also set a new Ladies BAR Club Record of 20.926mph

Full list of our 2007 Winners - See our magazine No. 212 - November 2.80MB

Club Awards Dinner - Trophies, Plaques and Certificates were handed out at the Lewes Wanderers Cycling Club Annual Awards Presentation on Sunday 17th February 2008 at Chailey Village Hall.

Rules & more info - All Club BAR counting events must be on Sussex courses with the exception that any 12 hour can be used for the Senior BAR. The Seymour Cup is for the fastest 25 on any course.

* Due to long term road-works on the Beddingham roundabout, we have moved our Newhaven-Beddingham-Newhaven event to a Circuit based at Laughton.

On club events with 1 to 7 entries, only the fastest rider and the first rider on handicap receive club medals. On events with 8 to 19 entries, the fastest two riders and the first two on handicap receive club medals. With 20 and over entries, the fastest three and the first three on handicap receive club medals. There is one Vets Standard award for each event. There is (currently) no award for the Evening Ten two-up.

2007 ESCA Reliability Trial Winners - Below is a photo of 30 Wanderers taken after the ESCA Reliability Trial on 18th November 2007. The club won the competition with 33 counters. This is probably the most Wanderers every captured in a single photo. For a full report see our December 07 mag and our ESCA Reliabilty supplement.

Photo of 30 Wanderers taken after the ESCA Reliability Trial

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